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Poke his nose nghĩa là gì

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  • danh từ

    Bạn đang đọc: Poke his nose nghĩa là gì


  • cú chọc, cú thúc, cú đẩy

  • cái gông (buộc vào trâu bò… để ngăn không cho chạy qua hàng rào)

  • vành mũ (đàn bà)

  • động từ

    chọc, thúc, thích, ấn, ẩy (bằng ngón tay, đầu gậy)

    to poke someone in the ribs thúc vào sườn ai

to poke something in ấn vào cái gì to poke something down chọc cái gì xuống

  • chọc, thủng (lỗ…)

  • cời, gạt (lửa…)

  • xen vào, chõ vào

    to poke one’s nose into other people’s affairs chõ mũi vào việc của người khác

  • thò ra

    to poke one’s head thò đầu ra

  • (+ at) chọc, thúc, thích, ấn, ẩy

    to poke at someone with a stick lấy gậy thúc ai

  • (+ about) lục lọi, mò mẫm

    to go poking about đi mò mẫm

  • (+ into) điều tra, tìm tòi, xoi mói; (nghĩa bóng) chõ mũi vào, chõ mõm vào, dính vào, xen vào (việc người khác)

  • (từ lóng) thụi, đấm, quai

    • Từ gần giống spoke spoken outspoken poker plain-spoken

    Nghĩa là gì: go away with something go away with something

    • lấy vật gì đi, mang vật gì đi

    Idiom(s): poke one’s nose in(to something) AND stick one’s nose in(to something)

    Theme : MEDDLEto interfere with something ; to be nosy about something. • I wish you’d stop poking your nose into my business. • She was too upset for me to stick my nose in and ask what was wrong .To involve or insert oneself in an intrusive or nosy manner into something that is not one’s business or responsibility .I wish our neighbors would quit poking their noses in and just leave us alone ! Don’t poke your nose into your brother’s affairs — he can manage well enough on his own .See also: nose, pokeSee also : nose, pokePry into or meddle in another’s affairs, as in I told her to stop poking her nose into our business. This usage replaced the earlier thrust one’s nose into in the mid-1800s. See also : nose, pokeTo interfere, to meddle. This term began as thrust one’s nose into someone’s affairs, back in the sixteenth century. The analogy presumably is to a dog or other animal nosing about. Samuel Johnson used it in his Dictionary under “ Nose ” ( 1755 ) : “ To thrust one’s Nose into the affairs of others, to be meddling with other people’s matters. ” In America at some point poke was substituted. See also : nose, poke, to

    See also:

    Photo by A. L. ” Poke nose in ” = Chõ mũi vào chuyện người khác -> Xen vào, can thiệp vào chuyện người khác một cách vô duyên và không ai muốn mình dính tới. Ví dụ
    Hitting back, BJP ridiculed that BJD is imploding as a huge exodus ( cuộc di cư ) is being witnessed daily. BJP counselled BJD not to poke nose in other’s house, rather the ruling party should first puts its house in order. Sonakshi makes attempts to win Ishwari’s heart but the adamant ( sắt đá, cứng rắn ) mother is jealous of the new women in Dev’s life. She keeps on interefering in Dev and Sonakshi’s life all the time. Adding to Sonakshi’s woes, Dev’s sister Neha has come home. She is unhappy with her husband and his meagre income and wants to divorce him. That’s not all, she wants to poke nose in Sonakshi and Dev’s life too. She is jealous that Sonakshi is happy with her husband and she is not as lucky. Irked with her own life, Neha tries to taunt Sonakshi for flaunting her happiness in front of everyone.

    Slamming the Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s remarks on Kashmir at the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Congress’ Dr. Abhishek Manu Sanghvi, on Sunday, tweeted that his statement was completely unacceptable. He stated that Mohamad’s remarks showed that his ‘love for jihad’ (chiến tranh hồi giáo) shows the country’s extremism (chủ nghĩa cực đoan), which had surpassed (vượt trội) Pakistan. He asked the Centre to take strong diplomatic action against it. He added that Mohamad who is a patron of lunatics (điên rồ) like Zakir Naik should not poke nose in India’s internal matters.

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